Watch: This Police Officer Stops at Nothing To Save a Three Year Old Child From a Fire

Watch: This Police Officer Stops at Nothing To Save a Three Year Old Child From a Fire

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Sometimes, especially nowadays, people tend to only view authorities as people who get in the way. Even if you’re not doing any crimes, simply getting asked questions by authorities can lead to problems. There are so many videos out there where people are just strolling by with a camera that seems to try and get the attention of authorities.

When the attention they want is achieved, they give the authorities a difficult time by citing law codes and speaking of their rights. All this to get the attention of authorities, when real crimes are being committed, and assistance could be needed elsewhere, they were too busy messing with these kinds of individuals who just want internet views and clout.

Because of this and a few bad apples, the view of authorities has been skewed, and the rest of us who’ve been around longer remember the good old days when they went out of their way to protect and serve. To help the community and more. Things we only see in movies now. However, I’m here to tell you that this way of thinking is wrong. There are still good and even great cops out there. They’re everywhere if you just look. For example, a young cop recently dealt with peril directly to safeguard a baby caught in an apartment complex that was engulfed in a fire over in Rogersville.

The family of the three-year-old said that the child is back home from the UAB hospital and will recover completely in the wake of enduring burns from Sunday morning’s fire. The cop who saved the young tike says there was no chance to think, he had to simply take action.

“I gotta save this child at all costs,” said Tyler Dison, a police officer with the Rogersville Police.

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Dison was getting ready to end his shift Sunday morning when he overheard, “apartments on fire with possible entrapment of a child.”

That’s when he raced to the scene with the utmost urgency. While people were running away from the blast, he ran towards it.

“It was less than 30 seconds, I got out of my car, she was screaming ‘My baby’s inside!’,” he said.

At that point, the only thing remaining of the apartment was pretty much the framing. Flames were bursting out of the windows, thick black smoke was wafting in the air. However, that didn’t stop this cop.

He ran inside with his heart set on saving the child. Within only three minutes of running after the cries of the baby, Dison returned outside, baby in arms. He had single-handedly saved the three-year-old baby.

“If I hadn’t done something, that baby would surely of died,” Dison said. “His breathing was very shallow, he was very lethargic. He was groaning, he wasn’t really responding.”

While Dison sustained minor flame injuries, his uniform was scorched from the fire, but as the flames grew higher all around him, his only thought was to keep the baby safe from any more harm.

Dison, 24 years old had never answered a call to action, but it was something he was prepared for and played out in his head. He added that saving lives is precisely what he signed up for.

Everything ended up good here, and it’s all because a cop stepped out in faith. This is proof that not all cops are bad, and in fact, are the complete opposite. Don’t let the media and internet paint a picture for you to go off of. If you have an interaction with a cop, simply cooperate with them, of course holding up your rights, but again, the majority of cops are just trying to do their job. If you’re out filming the contents of police vehicles or even just normal people’s vehicles it’s rather suspicious and cops will ask you questions. Not to target you, but because you’re being suspicious.

So, next time you want to grab some attention on a social media platform go do a TikTok dance or something else. Leave the authorities alone so that they can answer calls that matter.