WATCH: Vegas Restaurant Sells Out Overnight After Viral TikTok

WATCH: Vegas Restaurant Sells Out Overnight After Viral TikTok

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After a Titkok video of their food went viral, a Las Vegas restaurant sold out.

Frankensons, Frank Steele’s four-month-old restaurant, had been slow and down. That is until a young man ordered dinner and evaluated it on Tiktok.

Keith Lee ordered dinner in Frank’s restaurant. Frank always tried to talk to customers. When Frank enquired about him, he said he was a culinary critic, which Frank didn’t believe. He had no idea 18 million people would review and watch his meal.

Frank’s restaurant’s phone rang nonstop after the video became viral. His eatery made more in 72 hours than in four months. He has never seen so many lemon pepper rings sold or made so many garlic knots in his life.

“I have sold more lemon pepper rings in the last two days than I have in the last four months,” Steele added tearfully.

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Frank, crying, says he’s wanted his own restaurant for 30 years. He never imagined such a response and encouragement from everyone. Iowans, Californians, Utahans, and others traveled to Las Vegas to try Frank’s meals.

It’s just been overwhelming. It’s been a blessing,” Steele stated.

Social media is powerful. Its reach and ability to connect and influence people for good must be recognized and appreciated. We’re pleased for Frank’s business’s first big break due to Keith. Keith and Frank, may they continue to review and cook wonderful cuisine.


Featured Image screenshot from embedded YouTube video.