“We Just Did the Right Thing,” Said a Team of Football Players When They Helped This Woman Out

“We Just Did the Right Thing,” Said a Team of Football Players When They Helped This Woman Out

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A gathering of high school football players in northern Georgia leaped out of their vehicles while en route to school to assist with saving an injured lady who was trapped after being involved in a wreck in her vehicle.

Treyvon Adams, 16, was heading to school Friday morning with some of his football teammates Antwion Carey, 16, Tyson Brown, 17, and Alto Moore, 16 when they saw the accident. The four are individuals from the Rome High School football crew and quickly sprung into action.

Fellow player Cesar Parker, 16, was in a different vehicle with his mom and got out to assist with the rescue. Another understudy, Messiah Daniels, was additionally involved. As soon as the teenagers saw the car crash, “we just ran as fast we could to the lady and check on her to see if she was alright,” Adams said.

They found the lady inside her vehicle, trapped by entryways that had been harmed in the accident with the doors not being stuck.

“We were seeing she was in pain, she was screaming and asking us to help her,” Adams said. An image posted on Facebook by Rome City Schools shows smoke ascending from a destroyed vehicle as the gathering of players deal with saving the lady in need before authorities arrive on the scene.

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The gathering of young people got to work and began rapidly trying to free the lady caught in her vehicle.

Luis Goya, a math teacher, said he was working at the school and dialed 911 when he heard about the accident. In the meantime, the football players were attempting to free the caught lady.

“We used all our muscles,” Adams said. “We’re pretty big people, we’re strong. We play football, so we lift weights a lot, but the door was just extremely bent and broke.”

Together, the teenagers had to force the vehicle’s passenger side door open, however, before long, acknowledged they would have to open the driver’s side door to have the option to free the lady.

Everything occurred in about a minute, as per Adams. “We were all moving very fast to get her out,” he added.

As his friends and teammates helped the lady out of the vehicle, Adams said he went to keep an eye on the driver of the other vehicle to ensure they were alright. The gathering said they don’t have the foggiest idea about the lady they helped and haven’t been in contact since – yet want her to know that they all hope she is doing alright in light of the incident.

“We are very proud of them,” their teacher, Goya said. “This is the kind of news that we need, that is more positive.”

In a post on Twitter, the school’s football crew stated, “PROUD of our MEN!” regarding the story.

Adams said they have been “getting a lot of love from a lot of different places. We’ve been recognized in a lot of different ways,” he continued. “We appreciate it, but I feel we just did the right thing.”