WWII Soldier’s Letter Given To Widow 76 Years After Being Sent

WWII Soldier’s Letter Given To Widow 76 Years After Being Sent

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Most of us have experienced mail delays at least once in our lives. Maybe it was one day, one week, or even one year, but a widow from Massachusetts received a letter that was sent from her husband over 76 years ago. Army Sergeant John Gonsalves who was stationed in Germany during World War II. penned a letter to his mother who lived in Woburn Massachusetts, but unfortunately, his mother never received the letter because it got lost in the mail.

Now, flash-forward to 2022, the USPS found the letter and was able to track down Gonsalves’ widow named Angelina. Sgt. John Gonsalves died in 2015 and his mother has since passed away, but the USPS managed to track down Gonsalves’ widow.

USA Today had access to the letter and reported what the letter said:

“Dear, Mom. Received another letter from you today and was happy to hear that everything is okay,” the letter reads. “As for myself, I’m fine and getting along okay. But as far as the food it’s pretty lousy most of the time.”

He signed the letter: “Love and kisses, Your son Johnny. I’ll be seeing you soon, I hope.”

Angelina Gonsalves, who is now 89-years-old. was overjoyed to receive the letter and said this Christmas was the best one she has had since her husband passed away in 2015. She knew the letter was 100% authentic because it contained the same exact handwriting as her husband.

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The letter was dated December 6th, 1945, which would’ve been just several months after WWII officially ended. The letter was delivered to Angelina on December 9th, 2021.

The big question in the story is was it delivered late or just in time? Sometimes in life, we receive encouragement or good news at the time we need it most. Angelina Gonsalves appreciates the letter even more now than if she would’ve received it at the time of writing.

One of the most interesting pages of the Bible is the blank white page that separates the New and Old Testament (Most Bibles have this). The blank white page varies according to the Bible’s publisher, but mainly serves to separate the Old and New Testaments.

However, it’s not meaningless if you can look at it from a spiritual perspective. Between the Old and New Testament was a period of 400 years known as the Intertestamental Period, which was a very violent time. In the last pages of the Old Testament, there were several prophets who roamed the earth and God spoke through them, but once they were put to death or died of old age there was a silence. It wasn’t a silence of 76 years either but rather 400!

For 400 years, there was no record of God speaking to His people until God sent forth his Son to the earth and the Word became flesh! Now, there is no longer silence from God, but He is constantly speaking to us if we listen to His Spirit. God has already written his love letter to you and it’s called the Bible. More than likely someone has delivered it to you, but the only question is will you cherish the letter as Angelina Gonsalves did her husband’s letter?