You Won’t Believe How This Couple Embraced a Wedding Crasher on Their Big Day

You Won’t Believe How This Couple Embraced a Wedding Crasher on Their Big Day

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When most people go into a wedding chapel or ceremony they go in as two and leave as one, but this couple went in as two and left as three when they encountered this wedding crasher that you’d never expect to see steal the show – and possibly the food.

Douglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini were prepared for their big momentous day, when they would focus on celebrating cheerfully ever after together, however, Tamíris didn’t realize there was yet another person snooping around and potentially coming up with plans on how to get free meals as they crashed the wedding.

As the happy bride arrived at the church, she noticed the conniving wedding crasher who was waiting for the party to start, someone who had thick healthy locks, ready to party, and someone who didn’t come with a date, family, or was related to anyone in any way whatsoever, but perhaps the most giving detail was that they had four paws and a bushy tail!

That’s right, it was a lone dog who was stealing the show and greeting everyone who arrived at the church. It was very well-mannered and super gentle towards everyone. The wedding crasher didn’t seem to crash the wedding after all, but a wedding maker. There was no tail or paw out of place or getting in the way during the service and ultimately it started with the canine plunking down somewhere around the entryway to watch the bride walk the isle, almost as if he realized what was going on.

After the “I do’s”, and the kiss, the crowd cheered, the couple smiled, and the dog tried joining them! As the couple made off to the exit the dog got super excited to the point where they could no longer ignore it.

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“When he greeted us at the end, he asked: ‘Take me home. Take me,’” Muzini said.

And just like that, when you would normally see two newlywed individuals riding off in the sunset after their big momentous day, this crowd got to see three individuals head off into the sunset towards their happily ever after. The couple didn’t waste any time and immediately started a family by adopting the skinny pup and naming it Braiá Caramelo.

“He’s so loving. Despite everything he’s been through, he still believes in the goodness of people,” Muzini added. “He gives us hope.”

The story along with some videos and pictures were shared on Instagram which spread like wildfire and many fell in love with the story with some commenting saying things like “Wedding gift!” while another user wrote, “I love the way God moves through each and every living thing and what an honor for that dog to choose that couple that is only the hand of God May their lives all together be blessed richly”.

Things are looking up and starting strong for this newlywed couple and their family. Hopefully, they will continue this strong stride and continue to climb up and be blessed by God.