Video: You Won’t Believe How This Hero Cat Saved Their Owner From a Life-Threatening Episode

Video: You Won’t Believe How This Hero Cat Saved Their Owner From a Life-Threatening Episode

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In an age-old battle between cats and dogs on who is the superior species, this cat may have won a major point for its team coming to the rescue of its owner in the dead of the night.

As indicated by feline owner Sam Felstead, her feline saved her life by beating her chest to awaken her while she was having a heart attack in the middle of the night. The 42-year-old owner from Stapleford, Nottingham, was sleeping when she was awakened by her baby feline Billy at 4.30 am.

After awakening, she understood that she couldn’t move her body and had an excruciating pain shooting down the right side of her body, so she called her mom Karen Felstead for help. She was then immediately raced to the Nottingham City Hospital in the early hours of the morning where specialists told her she had a heart attack during her beauty sleep.

Presently Sam suspects that her feline saved her life. She said: “I was a bit shocked; I went to bed and I felt fine. I’d even been out with the dogs, and I didn’t feel ill or have any pains whatsoever. Suddenly I woke up in the early hours covered in sweat and couldn’t move. Billy was on my chest and was meowing loudly in my ear hole,” she continued. “He doesn’t do that normally, he sleeps all day and all night, that’s his life. He wouldn’t leave me.”

A secretary at Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham, Ms. Felstead said that Billy is not an extremely friendly feline and that he likes to mind his own business more often than not. She added: “He’s never woken me up in the night before, he never bothers you. He doesn’t wake you for food. Mum was quite shocked. I told her he woke me up and she was even more shocked. You don’t hear about that with cats.”

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At the point when Ms. Felstead’s mom called the clinic, they said that the emergency vehicle would be there in two hours. So they headed to the clinic. At the clinic, it was proposed that one of the supply routes was hindered which had caused the heart attack.

While it is crazy to think that a cat would have enough force to perform CPR or resuscitate someone, Ms. Felstead is confident that her cat saved her life, and she wouldn’t be here to tell the tale if it had not been for Sam, the hero cat.

She then burned through three days in the medical clinic before she was brought together with her darling Billy. Ms. Felstead said: “When I got back home right away, he wasn’t annoyed, he disregarded me,” she continued “He’s just the same now, I just try to give him a bit more love. ‘I’m grateful towards him as I didn’t know if I’d have woken up – my alarm wasn’t for another two hours so who knows if I would have woken up.”

It sounds like Ms. Felstead is happy to be alive, and who would blame her, but what do you think – did the cat come to save the day, or was it just a stroke of luck? In any case, it’s great to know she’s alive and doing well, but I’m sure the dogs won’t let the cats continue to one-up them for much longer.