You Won’t Believe How This Pastor Is Helping Families Who Are Experiencing Poverty

You Won’t Believe How This Pastor Is Helping Families Who Are Experiencing Poverty

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The Bible speaks on many subjects that apply to us even in these crazy, busy present times. There are all kinds of lessons and guides on how to walk in this life. One such lesson is taking care of the poor. The Bible says multiple times that when we take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ in any form or fashion such as feeding the hungry, protecting the weak, and clothing the naked, one Pastor out of North Flint Church is doing just that.

The Word says that if you’ve served other people, you’re serving Christ, and Lead Pastor Leo Robinson II is serving not only one or two individuals, but his entire local community, and says it’s not just for the community – anyone who is in need is welcome.

“There’s no laundromat in a four-mile radius,” Robinson said, standing in the church’s basement and soon-to-be affordable laundromat, Good Laundry. “Over 75 percent of our people in this area depend on public transportation, so you can only imagine taking all of your clothes, getting on the MTA to go to the laundromat to sit for three or four hours to do your laundry, and then come back on that bus route. That’s taking up most of your day.”

While running the service, he’s noticed people who are in rough times. Some may not have the means to buy new clothes or even wash their clothes. Some are just down on luck and have their washer and or dryer out of service for a while. Whatever the case may be he knows that there are people in the community who could use this service as it’d help provide better hygiene and free up some time for people who spend hours washing clothes. He also mentioned single parents, and them having to face managing their children who have nothing to do for all those hours while they wash clothes.

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Good Church is not even two years old yet, but Robinson and his wife Mio Robinson have made a significant impact on the area and its people.

When covid was at the height of everything the church decided to do free food distribution for those in need in apartment buildings, and it was during this time that the couple learned just how in need this area was for a laundromat.

“We started doing food because everybody during covid was relying on the schools for food,” Robinson said, adding that the schools only offered breakfast and lunch. “So we started going into these areas to offer dinner and they were like, ‘Food is great, but we really need a place to do our laundry.’”

Thus, with a new goal in mind to assist all residents and the local community, not just members who are faithful to Good Church, Pastors began working on turning their basement within the church into a laundromat.

It’s been no cakewalk, and there’s still plenty of work to do, but this project is bringing people together and sees groups working together all to serve one another, all to build a community laundromat that will be more accessible and more affordable. Pastor Robinson has blueprints already complete and every day they are creeping closer to the completion of their goal.