You Won’t Believe What This Uncle Did When He Found the Guy Who Mugged His Nephew

You Won’t Believe What This Uncle Did When He Found the Guy Who Mugged His Nephew

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A man ended up finding the teenager who was on a fast track of bad choices and who robbed his nephew, and where most people would try to get back at the criminal, he didn’t even turn the thief in. Instead, after hearing the youngster’s story, Winston Davis has been immersed with propositions for employment for the young teen to get him back on the right side of the tracks.

It took Davis a month and a half to find the 16-year-old “frightened boy” who had robbed his 12-year-old nephew en route to purchase a chocolate bar. They organized to meet so the high schooler could hand back the pack he had taken, yet Davis found the young fellow had no parents, or education, and lacked a job. There was no sustainability in his life, and age chances, he wanted to be a computer engineer.

Their discussion was recorded and has now gone viral, igniting a surge of bids for employment for the teen. Davis, who is likewise a charity worker, had called out to his followers for help to potentially open doors. He got a massive reaction and said it’s been astounding to get many offers of apprenticeships, training, donations, and mentoring.

“When it happened the lad that did it was gesturing to the knife on his leg, but you can see on camera that he hasn’t held it to his neck or anything, he just used it as a threat,” Davis said. “He told me he’s been in and out of detention centers and had no education and has literally been living in supported living. I said to him, ‘look, I’ll help you if you return the bag.’ We made the agreement that he would go get the bag and come back the next day and fair play to him that’s exactly what he did.”

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Davis believed that the fact that he brought the bag back and decided not to switch off his phone and forget the entire situation said a ton about his character. Davis went to the location of the robbing in the wake of affirming the police planned to do very little. He was expecting to find an adult committing the act, however as Davis looked through CCTV and doorbell camera film close to where the occasion occurred and addressed individuals nearby, he found a youngster who matched one of the photos he had been given only to realize he was a young teen.

“Despite this, he wants to work in computer engineering…this kid doesn’t need punishment, he needs help… if there is anyone that knows about career routes/training programs for him, please drop me a dm.”

As director of Southside Young Leaders Academy, a foundation helping youthful African and Afro-Caribbean young men become pioneers, Davis has helped many children experiencing the same thing, and is now helping the young teen to get back up and make something positive of themselves.

“Sometimes children are so traumatized from what they’ve been through as young children that it’s really hard for them to have any connection or belief that they can do anything other than what they’ve been exposed to at such a young age,” he continued. “Our prefrontal cortex doesn’t develop until we’re 25, and that’s all about decision making, so people make riskier behaviors because that isn’t developed. We’re writing them off because they do things they shouldn’t do at such a young age.”