You Won’t Believe Where This Young Child Was Found Swimming After Missing for Days

You Won’t Believe Where This Young Child Was Found Swimming After Missing for Days

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When we were young, we all knew of the super cool teenage mutant ninja turtles. They were rad turtles who lived underground, fought the evil minions of the Shredder, and loved pizza. Another myth is that crocodiles can be found underground in sewers. This however was never proven fact, and the conditions in the sewer make it not a good habitat for these creatures.

And if you were to ask this 8-year-old kid, he’d probably be able to confirm that there weren’t any ninja turtles or crocodiles down in the sewers, only himself, darkness, and an unpleasant smell.

Joe, eight years old, was thankfully found after he had been missing for over seven days. He was found alive in the sewer framework close to his house in Northwestern Germany, according to police.

Joe disappeared on June 17, inciting a tremendous lost child hunt. There were lots of individuals, resources, and time being used to try to find the missing boy. Be that as it may, following a trip from an individual from the public who heard sounds from underneath the road, police in Oldenburg found him under a sewer vent cover eight days after he mysteriously vanished.

The parents naturally worried sick and had no idea where he had gone to. He was playing outside and the next thing they knew he was nowhere to be found. Good thing the sounds were heard underground because without it they might not have thought to look in the sewers.

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“After evaluating all traces and clues, the officers now assume that Joe crawled through a drain into the rainwater sewer system on the day of his disappearance and lost his orientation after several meters,” Authorities said in a statement released Tuesday. Adding “The police have ruled out third-party negligence at this point in time.”

The child was found with no clothes on at all but was overall safe. There were no serious wounds. However, he was very hungry, extremely dehydrated, and severely hypothermic. Authorities were able to determine that the young boy lost his sense of direction and couldn’t find the exit in the underground sewer system and ended up getting himself lost.

After evidently walking along the line for 75 feet, authorities said he followed the sewer framework through a plastic pipe with a diameter of only 23.6 inches. A portion of his garments was found down this line as they walked the same path to find him slowly leading to the child’s location.

Joe had traveled through the sewer shafts and intersections to arrive at the region under the sewer vent cover where he was ultimately found. At a certain point, officials sent off a murder examination subsequent to getting a tip that the child had been found in the company of an unknown stranger who had no ties to the boy or his family. However, later it was proved to be false information.

Presently, Joe is in the hospital recuperating and receiving treatment. He has yet to tell authorities or his parents just how he mysteriously managed to get himself lost in the sewer system or what he was doing leading up to the event. It’s thought that he may have just been playing as kids do and ended up in an unknown place treading deeper and deeper during his exploration only getting himself more and more lost. The good news is that he’ll be okay, and soon we’ll be able to figure out the mystery of the boy’s journey.